Sunsolar-NRG is based in Iloilo City. We import quality  solar components from manufacturers abroad.

We offer competitive pricing with a high service quality importing directly into Iloilo.

We engage in retail selling, engineering and commissioning services, as well as sales and installations of complete solar systems. Our objective is to provide access to solar energy to a high number of consumers by making it more affordable. Sunsolar-NRG believes that with the current pricing and reliability of utility energy in the Philippines, it can offer competitive packages for both private and commercial consumers.

By combining project management skills, extensive theoretical and hands-on expertise, Sunsolar-NRG offers a rock solid management team able to deliver effectively with quality.

Sunsolar-NRG services recently branched out from a main company founded back in the 90’s. Our experience goes way back to the early 90’s when we installed SOLAR on one of the outlaying islands in Concepcion, successfully powering residences with both solar and wind-turbine energy. The system is still in use up to this day as proof of our state of the art quality panels and installation standards.