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Mobilization to Oton and Sta. Barbara

SUNSOLAR-NRG just finished our mobilization to Oton, Iloilo, Philippines for a 2kW GRID TIE SINGLE PHASE INSTALLATION and Sta. Barbara Iloilo for a 15kW GRID TIE 3PHASE INSTALLATION! We’re using our UKSOL 330W PANELS for our installations! UKSOL is a BRITISH BRAND PANEL COMPANY with EUROPEAN WARRANTIES! For more details, contact us at (033) 320…
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We are making progress in our 10.8kWp GRID-TIE INSTALLATION in Fuentes St., Iloilo Proper, Iloilo City, Philippines! 🌞🌞🌞 SUNSOLAR-NRG caters to your solar needs with high quality components and installations! We invest on online simulation software to always ensure that you get the proper solar production, and we install our designs with precision! We use…
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Pontevedra, Capiz Installation Energized

Our 32.40kW ice plant GRID TIE 3 PHASE INSTALLATION with NET METERING in Pontevedra, Capiz, Philippines is now energized! The designs we make for our installations are ALWAYS executed with precision! SUNSOLAR-NRG uses BRITISH BRAND UKSOL PANELS in our installation! Our installation is compliant with the Philippine Electrical Code (PEC). Executed under supervision of an…
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Newly Energized 1.5kW GRID TIE SYSTEM

Check out our newly energized 1.5kW GRID TIE SYSTEM with NET METERING and 3kW UPS SYSTEM in Ana Ros Village! Here at SUNSOLAR-NRG, NET METERING is included our packages! For FREE ENERGY LOGGING AND ASSESSMENT, please contact us at (033) 320 8072 or 0920 982 3535 or 0977 830 0037. Or simply send us a…
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Grid-tie Installation in Oton, Iloilo

Here we have another fully energized grid-tie system with NET METERING and UPS system for brownout protection in a big subdivision in Oton, Iloilo! For Savannah clients, message us for FREE LOGGING AND ASSESSMENT! SUNSOLAR-NRG is eagerly installing all over Western Visayas! For inquiries, please contact us at (033) 320 8072 or 0999 992 5199 or…
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We are partnered with UKSOL

Here at SUNSOLAR-NRG, we sell UKSOL HIGH-QUALITY GRADE ‘A’ #SOLAR PV PANELS at AFFORDABLE PRICES, with a 30 YEAR BRITISH WARRANTY! ☀️ SUNSOLAR-NRG is proudly partnered with #UKSOL! For inquiries, please contact us at (033) 320 8072 or 0999 992 5199 or 0977 830 0037 Or simply send us a message. You can also visit…
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Calling all TAGBILARAN SOLARISTAS! Avail your solar components for introduction prices here from BOHOL SOLAR in Tagbilaran. Just to name a few items, we have the following: UKSOL 270 watt poly 5bb with a 12 year British warranty for Php 7,250, RAILINGS 4200 with super strong anodized aluminum for Php 825, as well as BREAKER…
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Quality Solar Installations

British Brand Panel + German Brand Inverter = High Quality Installations for the best of your money! SUNSOLAR-NRG is your SMARTEST SOLAR SOLUTION under the sun! SUNSOLAR-NRG is ceaselessly and eagerly installing in Western Visayas! For inquiries, please contact us at (033) 320 8072 or 0998 556 2343 or 0977 830 0091. Or simply send…
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Why is Solar Energy Important?

WHAT IS SOLAR ENERGY? Solar energy captures the energy from the Sun and converts it into electricity. We can then use that electricity to light up our homes, streets, and businesses, and power our machines as well. We can also sell tat energy back to the electric company. Solar Energy is a natural, renewable, and…
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9.4kw Grid-Tie System in Miagao

Check out our newly installed 9.4kw grid-tie system in Miagao!